Life Rail System

Safety device for outboard cleaning and maintenance.

The operator (using a suitable harness) is tied to a double traveler that slides horizontally on the rail and is free to reach the working area in perfect safety. The double traveler is fitted with two shackles and a stop pin: stop pin open: it allows the traveler to slide along the whole track; stop pin closed: it locks the traveler when it intercepts the first hole in the rail. Other travelers (without any stop pin) can be connected to the main traveler for further security and for carrying tools or any other material (bosun’s chair, etc.).

The system consists of: Tubular track (31x21 mm) in high resistance hard black (silver on request) anodized extruded aluminium, Ø8 mm fixing screws every 100 mm, holes to stop the traveler every 50 mm, weight 0.75 kg/m, available in 3 m lengths. Plastic end fitting with rubber protection. Hard black anodized aluminium double traveler (2x110 mm). The traveler slides on four circuits of Torlon balls and its hold is guaranteed even in the event of the balls failing. Two AISI 316 steel shackles with 180° rotation. Aluminium stop pin on nylon guides. Track joint.

Available the document Test Report conformity to CE regulation.