30mm Modular Mainsheet Car Systems

A unique way to select the best traveller and genoa car system for your boat and personal requirements - a truly low friction system, realistically priced and designed for use on both cruising and racing yachts.

Travellers, end fittings and track are all extruded from top quality marine grade aluminium and finished in our unique 'Spectro' grey anodised finish.

  • Recirculating precision ground delrin ball system
  • Three sizes for yachts up to 14m LOA (46ft)
  • Three track options
  • Construct your own system from modular components or choose one of Barton's pre-packaged complete systems
  • Single or double take off travellers
  • Shackle or toggle take off travellers
  • Multiple control line purchase (2:1, 3:1, 4:1)
  • Cleating on end fitting or car
  • Kevlar 'K' cam with 70° or 90° angled cleating options
  • Torlon ball option
  • Towable genoa cars.

When selecting which system will suit your requirements, ask the following questions:

1. Size of boat?
2. Control line purchase (2:1, 3:1 or 4:1)?
3. Shackle or toggle take-off?
4. Single or double take-off?
5. Cleating on car, end fittings or remote?
6. End fitting cleats straight or angled?

Guide to choice of size:

Size 1 for yachts up to 8.5m (28.5ft)
Size 2 for yachts up to 11.0m (36ft)
Size 3 for yachts up to 14.0m (46ft)