LIROS Racer-XTR offers an exceptional combination of heat-resistant hybrid fibres and high-tenacity Polyester. 

The extremely low-stretch, colour-treated Dyneema® SK78 core guarantees the best in breaking load and is perfect for cover stripping.

  • Working stretch <1%
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for extreme performance with stripped cover
  • Excellent abrasion resistance even at high temperature
  • Hybrid fibre prevents cover melting
  • Ideal interconnected cover-core
  • Multipurpose sheet and halyard rope
  • Very low stretch
  • LIROS Heat Stretch System

Cover: 50% Vectran® and 50% Polyester 32 plaited

Construction: 8mm 24 plaited, 10mm and up 32-plaited

Core: Coloured Dyneema® SK78 with XTR-Grip-Coating silver 

Code: LR02008