Series 12 Blocks

12 Series Blocks contain powerful 4" (102mm) sheaves to handle the loads generated by large offshore yachts. Highly polished Stainless Steel are reinforced with Stainless Steel V-Straps for strength and durability under load. Precision machined aluminium sheaves feature Schaefer's self-contained Universal Circuit package with the Nomex(tm)/Teflon(tm) composite bearing and twin bearing races for maximum thrust load capacity.

Mainsheet Systems: boats to 60' (18.3m)

Halyard Leads: boats to 60' (18.3m)

Genoa Leads: boats to 60' (18.3m)

Control Lines: Consult Schaefer

Common Specifications

Sheave Diameter: 4" (102mm)

Sheave Width: 1-1/32" (26mm)

Maximum Line Diameter: 3/4" (19mm)

Maximum Wire Size: 5/16" (8mm)

Pin Dia.: 7/16" (12mm)

SWL: 5000lbs (2270 kg)