Industrial Snatch Blocks - Barton

This special range of Barton Industrial Pulley Snatch Blocks was designed for easy use in commercial, industrial, DIY and marine settings to move and lift loads securely.

Made of 316 Stainless Steel with anodised aluminium sheaves, these durable, easy loading blocks can handle a variety of rope thicknesses from 8 to 14mm - and the line includes a special snatch pulley block that handles 32mm line.

Workers can keep this easy loading design in their tool kits or on tool belts for handy, urgent on-site exterior and interior procedures:

  • Construction Sites / Manufacturing Sites
  • Commercial Marine Environments
  • Rigging Projects
  • Agricultural Sites
  • Building Repair Projects
  • Lift / Pulling Applications
  • Home Improvement Projects
  • Entertainment Venues

Unlike other pulleys that require special rigging procedures, the Barton Industrial Line is strong, easy to load for diverse projects and practices.

Certified CE and WLL working load stampings secure the user for multiple uses.

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