Houdini Marine Frameless Hinge Out Windows

Houdini Hinge Out WindowThese windows have been designed specifically for use alongside direct bonded windows.  The frame is concealed by the glazing to give a frameless appearance, allowing the visual lines of the glazing to remain unaffected.  The current system has been developed for double-glazed units, providing greater sound and thermal insulation than single-glazed windows.


  • Frame screwed or bolted on from the exterior for ease of fitting and to match the interior appearance of direct bonded windows
  • Black anodized concealed frame
  • All corners mitred and welded
  • Houdini Hinge Out WindowsDouble synthetic rubber seal for outstanding water tightness
  • Stainless Steel hinges
  • Stainless Steel gas struts to support the open window
  • Casement handles for ease of closure
  • Double glazed screen printed unit fitted in window


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