Rollgen Stay Kit

RollGen is the special patented stay that may furl Gennakers and less specifically all sails with free flying luff.

The stay is made of a special anti-torsion stay that may transmit the furling torque to the sail head. It is covered by a special EPDM gaiter that absorbs compression stress that would weigh down upon the sail cloth. Furthermore, the gaiter allows for the sail to furl on a bigger diameter compared to the naked stay. While furling out, it allows the sail to unroll at different speeds, since it absorbs stress that would weigh upon the sail and would make the furling out operation not correct or impossible.

These elements make of RollGen a unique and patented furler that is different from other existing systems that are only apparently similar systems.
The standard RollGen anti-torsion stay is made of unidirectional special fibres realized in kits with maximum lengths and different sizes. For RLG EVO 10 and 20 we may supply a special high performance 3K stay made with inextensible material in order to enhance its torsional capacity, in order to adapt it to longer lengths. In any case, ths stay supplied can be easily adapted to the measure taken onboard. The measuring and cutting operation is very simply done with the use of simple tools that are included in the kit.

After having furled the Gennaker on the special RollGen stay, you may disconnect drum and halyard swivel by means of quick release pins. These may be thus used in order to furl other sails, such as Code 0 or Drifters.

The “Luff Control” completes the system. It is a double swivel that matched with the ROLLGEN stay allows you to adjust the tension of the Gennaker luff by pulling on a line from the cockpit. The “Luff Control” may be fitted on existing ROLLGEN systems as well. Furthermore, it allows you to significantly “shorten” the luff when closing in the sail, thus placing the luff closer to the ROLLGEN stay. This operation will make furling simpler and
faster, especially when you are making use of “deep” cut sails with long luffs which are usually more difficult to furl.


 Instruction manual Rollgen Stay Instruction manual Rollgen Stay

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