DO550 clutches - Barton

An all new design for cruising and racing yachts, offering a holding power of up to 550Kgs (see chart below). DO550 clutches are designed for yachts up to 11 metres

Modern, high-performance materials

Manufactured from modern lightweight materials, the D0550 moulded parts are from high-grade plastics which are strong, light and impace resistant. Cams and bases are from marine grade aluminium, "Spectro" anodised for long life in the harsh marine environment.

True clutch mechanism

This true clutch mechanism allows line to be adjusted through the unit in the closed, locked position with minimal slippage, Release under load is positive and requires little effort.

The mechanism's opening and closing action is precise and easy to operate, even with cold wet hands. A positive handle lock in the closed position is also featured.

Kind to lines

The clutch's cam and base, manufactuered from high grade extruded aluminium, feature a specially tempered tooth design which allows for maximum grip with minimal slippage, whilst being kind to your lines.

Stainless steel rope fairheads are fitted to both line entry and exit points; a feature which help to prevent wear to both clutch and lines.

Bolt-together construction for straightforward servicing

The D0550 clutch range features the advantage of bolt-together construction which allows for ease of servicing and replacement of parts. A full range of components is available from your barton stockists.

Ergonomically designed handle

The handle is strong and easy to grip, with positive smooth lock and unlock action.

A unique feature of this new design is the removable insert on the top face of the handle. These inserts are available packaged seperately with a selection for both cruising and racing yachts.

81 540 "Cruiser" insert pack contains: Main, Genoa 1, Spin Halyard 1, Topping Lift, Spin pole up, Spin pole down, Blank.

81 540 "Racer" insert pack contains: Reef 1, Cunningham, Reef 2, Kicker, Mainsheet, Genoa Furling, Genoa 2, Spin Halyard 2, Backstay, Outhaul. Downhaul, Blank.


  • When fitting ensure a fair lead straight through the clutch to prevent wear to side plates and/or reduced load capabilities.
  • For best performance site clutch approximately 2ft (600mm) forward of the winch to ensure a fair lead both vertically and horizontally.
  • Use barton deck organisers forward of the clutch to gain perfect alignment.
  • Always use a bolt-through fastening with a suitable sealant.
  • A drilling template is provided on oir packaging for your convenience.
Max holding power
Rope Capacity
up to 12mm
Fastening diameter
Fastening centres