D-Pro Vision Dyneema®

The new LIROS D-Pro Vision is a high-tech line in a modern two-colour design made of the well-known high-tenacity fibre Dyneema® SK78 with extremely high breaking loads at very low weight!

Best distinctiveness in active use – if as winch rope or as line for multiple uses on sailing boat decks. The Dyneema Ropes High UV stability combined with the best abrasion resistance and lowest weight provides longstanding safety in practical use.

Very spliceable and versatile applications make the LIROS D-Pro Vision irreplaceable in all sorts of applications with extreme loads. The LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System furthermore guarantees optimal breaking loads and elongation values.

Perfect as a replacement for steel cabling in many technical applications and sports.

  • very high breaking loads with smallest diameter and lowest weight

  • modern two-colour design

  • first choice for any application under extreme loads

  • very spliceable

  • highly UV stable and abrasion resistant

  • LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System

  • LIROS-Coating- System

  • Bio-Based Dyneema®

Material: Dyneema® SK78 coated
Construction: 12-plaited, heat-set and coated
Code: 01508

D-Pro Vision Dyneema® SK78 3mm
On Sale RRP $3.10

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