RLG EVO - Furling System for Gennakers

RLG EVO by BamarNew furling system for Gennakers (sails with free flying luff), an evolution of the well-known and patented ROLLGEN system. This new development is characterized by both higher performances in terms of working load and smoothness in movement, and weight decrease by roughly 60%.

Such characteristics have been obtained thanks to the use of materials such as Ergal aluminium alloy and 17-4PH steel.

Differently from the previous model, in the new RLG EVO, the tack swivel (fundamental element when furling free flying sails) is independent from the drum. In fact, it is now integral part of the special ROLLGEN stay.

Consequently, drum and halyard swivel may as well be used to furl CODE 0-type sails (sails hoisted on anti-torsion stay), whereas the special stay totally integrates the furling system for free flying sails (Gennakers) which is Bamar ROLLGEN “patent”.

  • Easy endless line loading. You do not have to take the drum apart.
  • Made of Ergal aluminium alloy and 17-4PH stainless steel. It makes use of sealed high load bearings.

RLG EVO Models

Instruction manual RLG EVO configuration ROLLGEN Instruction manual RLG EVO configuration ROLLGEN


Instruction manual RLG EVO configuration CODE Instruction manual RLG EVO configuration CODE


Model 8 10 20 25 25R 35
Drum Ø mm 110 146 210 260 260 299
Stay Ø mm 13 15 18 - - -
Max stay length (m) 15 std 17/ 3K 20 std 22 / 3K27 - - -
Max sail area (m2 approx) 95 150 / 170 180 / 210 - - -
Halyard swivel Weight kg 0,27 0,34 0,88 1,25 1,42 3,10
Drum Weight kg 0,54 0,73 1,61 2,80 2,95 5,52
Working load kg 2000 3000 5000 8000 10000 15000

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