Houdini Marine Half-drop Windows

Houdini Half Drop WindowHalf-drop windows provide ventilation without intruding on interior space or extending into external deck area.

Like sliding windows they are unlikely to foul lines and do not impede the movement of passengers or crew members along the side decks.  Houdini recommend half-drop windows only when the height of the required window is greater than the width.  Houdini can not supply half-drop windows using either their through-fix or clamp section frame.  (see data sheets in Catalogue for more information)


  • Fixed glazing is set sealed into the frames to ensure a joint-free long lasting weatherproof seal
  • Where mitred corners are required Houdini always weld the bottom mitre joint to ensure that any water collecting in the tower channels cannot leak through the joint
  • For small windows the friction of the seals is sufficient to hold the opening section in any position.  For larger windows the opening section can be secured in any position by window silencer locks which also minimise rattling
  • All handles are bolted through the glass for strength and durability


  • A half-tilt option is available, with a rack and spring-loaded catches to provide a number of fixed opening positions that do not rely on friction or silencer locks.
  • Sliding/closing handle options are slam lock, or screw down and finger pull in small (6mm) or large (8mm) sizes.


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