Spinnaker Poles

A complete and diverse line of poles by Forespar in either carbon fiber or aluminum construction. Combined with our extensive line of pole end connections, we are able to create a multitude of combinations to fit the specific need of racing and cruising sailors alike.

End-to-End or Dip Jibe Configurations

Standard Spinnaker Poles

Forespar's "Standard" durable aluminum poles come in a variety lengths, diameters and end configurations. Pole length and ends can be selected to fit your needs no matter if you do end-to-end or dip style jibes.

Small Boat Pole Kits
Each Mini 6’/7’ kit includes anodized aluminum tubing, nylon latching end fittings, nylon lanyard, mast pad eye and epoxy kit. One end is loose so you can cut tubing to desired over-all length and then fasten end fittings with epoxy. Less than 10 minutes to complete.

Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Poles

Straight Non Tapered Tubes

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Sailing downwind is a great way to get to your destination whether racing or cruising. Using a whisker pole to hold your jib or genoa and go wing on wing is the best use of the combination of both the main and foresail.

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