Wire Rope Blocks - Barton

Aluminium high load blocks are a range of high strength blocks designed for use with wire ropes or in exceptionally rugged conditions.

The Cheeks are manufactured from marine-grade aluminium, 'Spectro' grey annodised and running on nylon bearings to reduce friction under load.

Reinforcing plates, rivets and shackle straps are all from 316 stainless steel.

Cheek block dimensions
91650 base 103 x 53mm
fastenings 5mm
91750 base 120 x 65mm
fastenings 6mm

Important note - break loads
Where break and safe working loads are stated, it is assumed that all sheaves are evenly loaded with a straight lead.

Loads are not given for cheek blocks or upright blocks as this is dependent on fastenings used.To ensure maximum strength and load capabilities, fastenings must pass through hollow centre rivets of cheek blocks.