Boat Cleats & Clutches

Thanks to the brands we distribute, we offer a wide range of cleats and clutches, each with a selection of marine hardware accessories to choose from.

The brands we offer have a long history in the Marine Industry, specializing in the production of deck hardware and boat cleats that provide reliable and secure fastening of your lines.

Allen Cam Cleats benefits from 60 years of meticulous research and development. In Alanite or Alloy, the jaw profile optimizes rope entry and exit for smooth cleating and uncleating, whilst double coil springs and ball bearing technology give consistent cam action.

Antal has three types of available: Roller Cleats, innovative and modern, Track adjustable, adjustable and with a stop pin and Classic look, with a teak beam. Produced in several dimensions, for boats up to 70’ in aluminium or stainless steel.

Antal's clutch range with 7 different models for lines from 6 to 22mm. All Antal models, except the Maxi, the QR and the DV-Jammer, are available in single, double, triple and quadruple versions.

Barton Marine range includes the Quick Cleat taking the stress out of tying knots - a great advantage when novice sailors are aboard or when you need quick hold or rapid removal of lines.

Schaefer has a wide variety of Aluminum and Stainless Steel Cleats. The Forged aluminum versions feature smooth edges and come in Open Base, Low-Profile, Self-Jamming and Four-Hole deck styles. Their Stainless Steel deck cleats and chocks with hidden fasteners make for a beautiful finished look.

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