Cleats & Clutches

We have a range of cleats including Cam Cleats, Mainsheet Jammers, Swivel Cleats, Clamcleats, Jam Cleats, V Cleats, Composite Cleats, Stainless Cleats, Aluminium Cleats, Mast and Deck Cleats.

Allen Cam Cleats benefit from 60 years of meticulous research and development. Available in either Alanite or Alloy, the jaw profile optimizes rope entry and exit for smooth cleating and uncleating, whilst double coil springs and ball bearing technology give consistent cam action.

Antal realizes three types of cleat: Roller cleats, innovative and modern, Track adjustable cleats, adjustable and with a stop pin and Classic cleats, with a teak beam. Produced in several dimensions, for boats up to 70’ in aluminum or s.steel.

A complete range with 7 different models for lines from 6 to 22 mm. All Antal models, except the Maxi, the QR and the DV-Jammer, are available in single, double, triple and quadruple versions.

As we work at getting the Antal range up on our website you can also view the Catalogue in PDF or the Antal website.

Schaefer offers a wide variety of Aluminum and Stainless Steel Cleats. Our forged aluminum cleats feature smooth edges and come in Open Base, Low-Profile, Self-Jamming and Four-Hole deck styles. Schaefer new Stainless Steel Fast Entry Cam cleats feature the same design from our aluminum models but now in a highly polished Stainless finish. Schaefer also offer Stainless Steel deck cleats and chocks with hidden fasteners for a beautiful finished look.

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