Antal Accessories & Spare parts

Antal Kit WinchMaintenance. Clean the winch by removing any old grease with a solvent (e.g. using diesel fuel). Spread a thin layer of marine grease (e.g. teflon grease) on all moving parts.

Grease will protect aluminium from corrosion (where contact with dissimilar metal occurs). It is useful to use some grease especially on stainless steel screws, threads and stainless washers. For a complete documentation ask for the "Winch User’s Guide".

Lubrication. (Mod.TFL400) For winch and gear lubrication, use Type 400 (green) with Teflon. Antal can supply this grease in 150 gr tubes.

Spare parts. (Kit winch) Antal can supply you with a universal repair kit suitable for all winch types, including 4 pawls, 4 pawl springs, 1 circlip.