Spinnaker Pole Cars

Antal's “long version” of Spi-Pole sliders is designed to reduce the side loads and torsion on the track. They slides on fibre inserts to reduce the friction to a minimum. Made for standard 32x6 and 40x8 T tracks, they are always fitted with one upper and one lower block with becket for the control line.

Barton's Spinnaker pole slide features a heavy duty stainless steel ring welded to an attachment plate which is through-bolted to the slide.  Their Towable Spinnaker pole slide has eyes fitted to both ends of the slide for the attachment of control lines.

Forespar’s line of aluminium and stainless steel mast cars are designed to work with Forespar’s Ultra Series and aluminium piston, piston with trigger and socket style end fittings. Forespar's 1-1/4” mast cars are made from solid cast stainless steel and precision machined inserts and toggle/knuckles assemblies when applicable.

Schaefer's welded stainless steel spinnaker pole sliders are constructed with formed rings that are welded to the slide designed to bend under the conditions of extreme force rather than suddenly fail. Schaefer's investment cast sliders provide an even stronger bail for higher loads.