Poles and Accessories

A wide range of Spinnaker and Whisker Pole solutions for your boat, including the popular Forespar® Spinnaker Pole End fittings with Internal or External Trip and Socket Ends.

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 Forespar Downwind Sailing Tech Sheet

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Poles & Fittings

Technical information on how to store your Spinnaker Pole, Whisker Pole Recommendations and sizings.

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Whisker Pole Storage

One must consider where you will store a whisker pole on the boat when not in use. Traditionally, poles have been stored on deck in deck chocks.

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Why a whisker pole?

Whisker poles are used for non-spinnaker class racing and short-handed cruising, or whenever downwind performance is desired without the use of conventional spinnakers.

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Vertical Pole Storage

Storing poles (whisker or spinnaker) vertically up the forward face of the mast has become very popular.

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Take Control of Your Downwind Sails with a Forespar Whisker Pole

If you need to get downwind and have a conventional non-planing hull, flying a jib, genoa or asymmetrical sail with a whisker pole is the fastest, smoothest and easiest way to get there.

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