Boating Hardware

The boating hardware we distribute is from brands with experience both on the water in the marine industry as well as in industrial applications. 

Allen Sailboat Performance Hardware celebrated 60 years in 2016 and continues to produce high-performance dinghy hardware developing new products to keep up with the demands of today's high-performance foilers and Skiffs.

Antal's range comprises of over 350 items of deck hardware with a very wide range of sizes to choose from to suit any kind of boat.

Barton produces over 1000 different products suitable for use on all sailboats from small dinghies and keel boats through to yachts of up to 16 metres.

Forespar is widely recognised for their Pole Ends, Davits, Hoists and Flopper Stoppers.

Schaefer Marine's products, from blocks to furlers, are built of the finest materials available and designed with a real-world understanding of the forces at work on a sailing yacht. 

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