Tuff Luff Extrusions

The Tuff Luff headstay system is a classic example of a simple idea, executed brilliantly.

No moving parts. No complicated schemes. Just a few basic design principles realized through superb engineering and the highest quality materials.

Whether you are a club racer competing on summer evenings or a round-the-world sailor facing the gales of the lower latitudes, you can rely on Tuff Luff to help you finish first.

Racing sailors the world over consider Tuff Luff the only real choice in performance headstay systems. This proven concept is used in everything from one-design racing to the America’s Cup, Admiral’s Cup, Whitbread and all other grand prix regattas.

The world’s most competitive sailors know there is simply no substitute for Tuff Luff. If you are committed to a winning program, maybe it’s time you got Tuff as well.

Which Tuff Luff Extrusion do I need?

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Which Tuff Luff Extrusion do I need?

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