Hatches & Ports

Man Ship Hatches and PortsWhen it comes to your boat's hatches, windows and ports we have a variety of options available. DeckHardware distributes the Houdini and Man Ship Marine product ranges in Australia.  

These products give you a huge range to choose from including customised options for Hatches, Portlights, Windows, Doors and Dorades. Including Glass, Acrylic, Stainless Steel and Aluminium options available.  

Also available are the Allen range of hatches made of polypropylene to suit smaller applications.

Man Ship Marine's expanding product line includes stainless hatches, stainless portholes, stainless dorades and aluminium boat windows.    

Man Ship Low Profile Stainless Steel Deck Hatch

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Houdini Hatch

The Houdini 500 x 500 is a favourite for a standard sized hatch.  The world-renowned and instantly recognisable Houdini deck hatch has been in production for over fifty years. 

Houdini hatches are robustly constructed using quality materials and are fitted with toughened glass. When compared to acrylic glazing, used in most deck hatches, toughened glass will not scratch as easily or suffer UV degradation. 

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