Quicker, Easier & Cheaper than a Bonded Window

Date Posted:22 March 2019 

Want the modern look of a bonded window, but without waiting for sealant to cure?

Houdini Frameless Illusion WindowHoudini's 'Frameless-Illusion' combines the look of direct bonded glazing with the practical fitting advantages of an aluminium clamp frame.

The window is delivered with the glass bonded to the frame.

Edges are protected with a rigid gasket.


Reduced installation times + no expensive sealant adhesives = dramatically reduced fitting costs.

If the window breaks in the future, down time becomes hours rather than days.

Combining the look of direct bonded glazing with the practical fitting advantages of a clamp frame system, the 'Frameless Illusion' provides a modern flush look, but has fully protected glass edges with a PVC gasket.  The glass is bonded to the frame during manufacture, to allow you quick and easy installation.  There are multiple benefits making it quicker, easier and cheaper to fit than a bonded window, such as:

  • Easy and rapid installation

  • No structure modifications required to create a glass recess

  • Rigid gasket surrounding the glass edge protects it from damage, therefore:

    • No expensive sealant adhesives required

    • Neat finish, rather than uneven tooled off sealant

  • No overnight sealant curing required, as glass is bonded prior to delivery

  • Huge reduction in fitting times, therefore dramatically reduced installation costs

  • If damaged, gasket can be easily removed, frame unclamped and a replacement window fitted - down time becomes hours rather than days

  • When double glazed, the frames and glass are thermally broken, so condensation is negated

  • Frames will not corrode as not exposed to sea water


Sliding, hinged or hopper windows can be mounted into the glass panels.


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