Low Friction Rings

Allen Thimbles - high load teflon coated anodised machined aluminium - alternative to blocks where static load is applied. All sizes are available in black, blue, silver, purple, gold and orange. Also available in stainless steel.

Antal Low friction rings are at the heart of Soft links. Simple, lightweight and resistant Rings, together with more sophisticated products, such as Solid rings and Hooks, revolutionized the way we design fixed and running rigging on sailboats, and not only on sailboats. Thanks to the perfect polishing Soft links give extremely low friction. The first of Soft links’ characteristics is versatility. You can use a Ring as barber, or lazy jack. On the backstay bridle instead of a sheave or for 8:1 control systems. For reefing or 3D genoa adjusting. And obviously, as a block. 

Schaefer offers 5 sizes of low friction rings. Each is computer machined for a soft radius and hardcoat anodized with a Teflon(tm) impregnation to allow for a "slippery" surface. The uses for low-friction rings is countless!

8mm Sector Spinning ring

8mm Sector Spinning ring


Fast Ring,  10mm

Fast Ring, 10mm


Fast Ring,  20mm

Fast Ring, 20mm


Fast Ring,  25mm

Fast Ring, 25mm


Fast Ring,  7mm

Fast Ring, 7mm


10mm Sector spinning ring

10mm Sector spinning ring


12mm Sector spinning ring

12mm Sector spinning ring


14mm Sector spinning ring

14mm Sector spinning ring


Fast Ring,  15mm

Fast Ring, 15mm


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