Boom Brake

Why a boom brake?

To eliminate the dangers inherent when jibing, the WALDER® boom brake controls the horizontal and vertical movement of your boom – allowing it to sweep gunwale to gunwale with complete safety.

The braking effect is achieved by the frictional force produced as the line slides and tightens around the drum of the WALDER® boom brake. The boom is not stopped dead in its tracks but, rather, travels from gunwale to gunwale in a gentle controlled sweep.

With the WALDER® boom brake rigged, all that’s needed when sailing downwind is to apply tension to the line, without leaving the safety of your cockpit. 

In addition to providing safety and ease in jibing the WALDER® boom brake :

  • eliminates your preventer
  • stabilizes the boom while you reef in safety
  • stabilizes the boom when you furl your sail
  • fixes the boom in place at Anchorage
  • allows problem-free sailing when running “wing and wing”

The Walder boom brake is an essential safety device that ensures the indispensable protection of your crew and equipment.


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