We distribute and stock a wide range of Pulley Blocks including Plain Bearing Blocks, Ball Bearing Blocks, High Load and Extra High Load Blocks, Ratchet Blocks, Wire Rope Pulleys and more.

Our range of products consists of many types of blocks and industrial pulley blocks, such as Single, Double, Triple, Quad, Fixed, Swivel, with Becket, Brackets, and numerous other variations. Furthermore, we offer a diverse selection of attachment styles, including Stainless and Soft Shackles.

From utilizing recycled plastic sheaves in Plain Bearing Pulleys to employing stainless steel and even titanium sheave blocks in the Extra High Load Blocks. We also have a range of Wooden Blocks and the Tuphblox available for those looking for a more classic look.

We also offer a diverse selection of sheaves suitable for all kinds of uses, made from several types of plastics as well as Stainless Steel and Titanium. We have both rope sheaves and wire sheave options available.

The range of Blocks we distribute are manufactured by well-known Sailing and Marine Brands AllenAntal, Barton Marine and Schaefer Marine.

Our range is suitable for all types of sailboats from dinghies through to super yachts as well as Industrial applications.

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