LIROS Magic-XTR is an ideal rope for use in dinghies, skiffs and multihulls. Superior high grip, extremely durable cover. Perfect in cleats - the professional's choice.

Applications: Halyard, Gennaker sheet, Spinnaker sheet, Spinnaker Guy

  • Grip Factor 9

  • removable cover for top performance

  • superior abrasion resistance - combo-cover (twisted Technora®/Dyneema®)

  • also available with PBO/Dyneema® cover

  • best cover-core attachment

  • very low stretch, highest breaking load

Cover:Technora / Dyneema or PBO/Dyneema®
Core: braided, pre-stretch, carbon-coloured Dyneema SK78
Construction: 4-5mm 16-plaited, 6-8mm 24-plaited
Code: 01513

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