XHL Blocks Go Double!

Author: Allen   Date Posted:11 February 2023 

The eXtreme High Load block range continues to grow with the addition of the new 20mm XHL double blocks, available with or without a becket.

Allen A2023 Double XHL with BecketA2022XHL - 20mm double XHL.

A2023XHL - 20mm double XHL with becket.

The new A2022XHL & A2023XHL follow the success of the 30mm XHL ILCA Top Block. A block which was explicitly designed for the ILCA vang system. The two new 20mm doubles are no different and have been developed alongside the world’s best ILCA sailors and riggers. However, they are more than suitable for any application which requires working loads up to 600Kg.

Using a block with a 600Kg working load may seem like overkill for a boat such as the ILCA, but with top-level sailors continuing to work harder and drive their kit to the limits more often it would come as no surprise that sailors are now pushing the kit beyond its normal limits, which has left to top-level athletes wanting a block that can withstand the punishment without compromising on performance.

Featuring the same XHL bearing technology as the rest of the family – Twin rows of stainless steel ball bearings running on a stainless steel axle offering the stainless steel sheave minimal friction for a fast and smooth rotation. This is then paired with a plain bearing washer, which comes into contact with the sheave to limit the damage to the bearing system when the block is subject to extreme static loads, giving a longer-lasting dynamic performance.

Available with or without a becket to ensure sailors can rig their ILCA vang system to the desired 15:1 or 12:1 purchase systems respectively. The becket version offers a 5mm hole to attach a rope to via the extended middle cheek, ensuring you get an evenly loaded pull.

Available in blue or black.


XHL Bearings – Twin rows of stainless-steel ball bearings running on a stainless-steel axle with the addition of a protective plain bearing washer.

A key feature within the XHL bearing system is the precision plain bearing washer. When the XHL is exposed to extreme static loads (which would normally cause damage to the internal bearing system) it changes to a plain bearing block. This stops the ball bearings from getting damaged and thus no longer performing as designed. As soon as the static load is reduced the XHL returns to a high-performing dynamic block.

A2022 XHL Double 20mm BlockBody – The aluminium body features “ears” at the top of the block. These are to be used when attaching the block and stop the block from capsizing when under load.

Sheave – The stainless-steel sheave allows the block to be paired with both rope and wire.

Becket Version – Nicely radiused to allow for a 5mm rope to be tied in the centre of the block. Allows for an even pull and increased purchase system.


A2022XHL - 20mm double XHL.


A2023XHL - 20mm double XHL with becket.