New Tii Traveller Cars Prove Popular

Date Posted:9 October 2016 

“There was a lot of buzz about the new A4389TII and A4589TII traveller cars at the recent 505 Worlds,” commented Vince Horey, Allen Brothers new Head of UK Sales.

A4389Tii Traveller Car “Showing them around the boat park, they got a tremendous reaction from the competitors.”

Working from customer and Team Allen feedback, the new Allen traveller cars feature cross webs which help add strength and structural integrity and incorporate a greater range of attachment options. This means you can create customised, infinitely adjustable rigging points with no slack and 500Kg load tolerance. Applications are many and various, but for competitive sailors in classes such as 505, Fireball and Osprey the ability to have smooth dependable main and jib sheet, or strut adjustment under load can make the difference between a win and being one of the pack.
Paired with Allen tie on blocks, the new traveller cars allow sailors to create rigs to complement their own style, without compromising strength.