Allen Roller Fairlead Video

Date Posted:30 June 2020 

Allen Mainsheet Roller, the A.597 was developed to reduce friction on the mainsheet. Ideal for making pumping or general trimming of the mainsheet easier.

Perfect for any dinghy that has a mainsheet jammer. Especially classes that run a spilt tale mainsheet or have class legal pumping.

The top roller allows for forcefull pumps in an upward direction that won’t gradually wear through the rope-guide. The reduction in friction will also result in less energy expenditure for the sailor.

Sideways loads are also catered for with rolling side fairleads.

Easily fitted to any Cam Cleat with 38mm hole centres.

Comes with extra-long threads to allow for customisation with cleat lifters and wedges. The threads can then be cut to length.

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