Introducing SwiftFurl a Continuous Line Furler

Author: Allen Brothers   Date Posted:11 August 2023 

The Team at Allen are thrilled to announce the launch of our new “SwiftFurl” continuous line furler, set to take your sailing experience to new horizons.

The SwiftFurl is the perfect solution for effortless sail control and ultimate fun on the water.

SwiftFurl Continuous Line Furler by Allen Brothers

Set Sail with Ease

SwiftFurl Continuous Line Furler by AllenDinghies, catamarans and trimarans often need a way to quickly and easily furl (roll-up) and unfurl (roll-out) a jib or gennaker. The SwiftFurl continuous line furler is the ideal solution and has been designed with simplicity and functionality in mind.

The Allen design team worked closely with Rodger Kitchen of Weta Marine to ensure the furler will complement their quality Weta trimaran. 

“We needed a better solution for the furling unit on our Weta. Something which worked well under load, is easy to service, reliable and wouldn’t wear out quickly. The team at Allen came up with a great furler which solved the issues we had. 

The SwiftFurl is now being fitted to all of our new boats.” – Roger Kitchen, Weta Marine.

Unfurl Your Full Performance

With the SwiftFurl, unfurling your sail is as easy as a summer breeze. Just pull the continuous furling line, and watch as your sail swiftly unfurls with minimal effort thanks to the five rows of Torlon ball bearings.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a novice, this user-friendly system ensures that you can get your sail out or back in, quickly and efficiently.

Drum Furler by AllenContinuous Line Furler Vs Drum Furler

Traditional Furling Drums can be big, clunky and rely on the user setting the unfurling rope to the correct length for it to function properly. Unlike a conventional furling drum, the SwiftFurl continuous line furler is designed to be used with a continuous spliced line.

This means when the sail is unfurled the same amount of rope is still in the system and not on the cockpit floor getting tangled!

This design also grants the drum the ability to spin in either direction, giving precise control of the unfurling and furling of a sail.

Key Features

The bottom attachment fork terminal can be fixed in 90-degree orientations, giving a wider range of attachment options to the hull of a boat.

The furling sheave is drilled with line-gripping holes. These holes grip the furling line securely as well as offer a weight reduction.

The furling sheave features a small notch in the edge to allow easy installation or removal of a continuous line without the need to resplice the line.

Five rows of Torlon ball bearings allow the unit to spin frictionlessly, even when under load.

Designed to be used alongside A4302 - High Load Top Furler 


SKU Title Fork Width mm Height mm Length mm Maximum Working Load kg Pin Diameter mm Weight  g
A4907 Continuous Line Furler 8 91 83.3 430 6 197
A4302 High Load Top Furler 8 82.75 63.25 430 6 41