More Grip, Less Slip With New Wave Ratchet

Author: Allen   Date Posted:1 November 2019 

Allen has launched an additional option for their range of ratchet blocks, dubbed the Wave Ratchet, which will offer between 20 to 40%* more grip without adding any additional wear to the rope.

Allen Wave Sheave designRatchet blocks are a very important part of performance sailing and can give the sailor a huge reduction in fatigue, when used appropriately. The ratchet block works by increasing friction to the rope that is being trimmed. The more friction a ratchet block adds to the system, the easier it is for the sailor to hold onto higher loads.

But, by adding more friction to a system the rope ends up taking the brunt of the punishment and will wear out more quickly. Fine, if you’re a professional sailor and receive monthly care packages of rope.

The most effective way to increase friction is to add sharp edges to the ratchet sheave, but this quickly deteriorates and wears away the rope. So, after working alongside leading rope manufacturers the Allen design team came up with a simple solution which improves grip without chewing away at your expensive rope.  

The Wave Ratchet sheave has an offset V style grip, made from a hard-wearing recycled plastic nylon, which does not have sharp edges that will eat into the rope. Instead, by adjusting the V formation in the sheave to be slightly offset, the ratchet now grips the rope at additional points around the sheave, resulting in more grip. However, the new Wave Ratchet not only improves grip but as a result of the design it also allows for a less ‘jumpy’ feel when easing the sheets.

Allen will be offering the new Wave sheave in both their 60mm Pro-Ratchet and X2 AutoRatchet blocks. The 50mm Pro-Ratchet and 45mm X2 AutoRatchet are expected to also include the Wave option in the coming months.

*Grip will vary depending on the type of rope in use with the wave sheave.

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