NEW ILCA Vang Block by Allen

Author: Allen   Date Posted:1 November 2019 

Introducing a new ILCA specific vang block, the A2031XHL-873 from the UK hardware manufactures Allen.

The block which features the same extreme high load dynamic bearing technology as the rest of the Allen XHL range, has been specifically adapted to work as the ILCA dinghy’s top vang block.

The XHL range was conceived when the Allen design team worked with the World’s top International Moth sailors to create a solution for the extreme high loads they were putting through the vang. More recently Allen has been working on feedback from top ILCA sailors who are looking for a more reliable top block for their vang. It was inevitable then, that the Allen design team would use the tried and tested XHL block to solve the problem.

By adapting the 30mm XHL block to incorporate a beefed up Vang key the Allen design team has come up with a solution that is not only capable of withstanding the Laser vang loads but also sleek and stylish.

The A2031XHL-873 has a breaking load of 1000kg.

New ILCA Vang Block by Allen