New Product – Flanged Aluminium Deck Bush

Author: Allen   Date Posted:14 May 2021 

Allen are pleased to announce a new range of flanged aluminium deck bushes is now available.

The new range of flanged aluminium deck bushes is a result of feedback from the marine industry and sailors looking for an alternative installation method to our ever-growing range of screw and push in deck bushes.

 flanged aluminium deck bushes by Allen

Allen flanged aluminium deck bushes feature a wider surface area with two fixing holes, allowing for a simple installation which only requires two screws and no messy bonding agent or silicone.

Four sizes are now available, all of which match the pre-existing range of nylon flanged deck bushes. Making replacement of an old worn-out plastic deck bush with a new aluminium version easy and seamless.

 flanged aluminium deck bushes

The new range is milled in-house at the Allen factory in Essex from marine grade 6082 aluminium and anodised in a variety of six colours to allow for a personalised touch or to colour code control lines.

SKU Title Fixing Hole Centres mm Fixing Hole Depth mm Fixing Hole Diameter mm Inside Diameter mm Outside Diameter mm Weight g
A8039-BLK  Flanged Deck Bush 29 9 4 9 19 9
A8239-BLK  Flanged Deck Bush 32 9 21 13 21 10
A8339-BLK  Flanged Deck Bush 36 9 25 15 24 12
A8139-BLK  Flanged Deck Bush 44 9 4 23 33 16


What is a deck bush? A deck bush, also known as a fairlead, is designed to protect a surface from a rubbing rope or wire, they can also be used to act as a deflecting point. In most applications, a deck bush is used to guide a rope through a surface, such as the thwart or strut of a boat. It also offers protection to the material the rope or wire is passing through.