New Product: Tii-Lock-40 from Allen

Author: Allen Brothers   Date Posted:28 March 2022 

Ever wanted to easily attach one of our Tii-on blocks via a continuous spliced loop? Well, now you can with the new Tii-Lock-40.

New TII-Lock from Allen Brothers

Tii-Lock-40 is a small T shaped plastic moulding which fits perfectly into the central hole of our 40mm Tii-on Block. It allows for a continuous spliced loop to be locked into place, with no chance of it shaking free.

The new concept was developed to give a quick, easy and strong option for attaching the A2040Tii block. The Tii-Lock-40 also makes replacing the blocks on the RS Aero boom really straight forward.

Why use a continuous loop?

Utilising a continuous spliced loop ensures the attachment of the block is as strong as possible, with minimal chances of failure.

A rope which is spliced can retain 80% – 100% of its quoted breaking load. Whereas a knotted rope can retain 20% – 50% of its quoted breaking load (percentage depends on the type of rope, knot or splice in use).

Eliminating a knot also ensures that there is nothing to snag or come undone.

How to use the Tii-Lock-40

The Tii-Lock-40 can be installed either way up, but we recommend having the bigger section facing towards the top of the block. So it resembles a T shape. You will notice the underside of the thicker T section has grooves running on either side of the post. This is to allow the rope to sit nicely around the Tii-Lock-40.