Through Deck Bushes – all you need to know

Author: Allen Brothers   Date Posted:5 April 2023 

Through deck bushes, also known as fairleads, have been created to protect surfaces from a rubbing rope or wire.

Aluminium versions also allow you to also add a touch of personalisation to your boat, with a choice of six colours.

Allen Through Deck Bushes

Why use a deck bush?

It’s fairly common on modern boats to see rope passing through a surface. Such as the deck, thwart or any other part of the hull. This rigging style ensures the rope takes the shortest path, meaning fewer turning points, less friction and less weight.

However, just drilling a hole through a fibreglass or carbon surface and running rope through it isn’t ideal. Over time the rope will slowly cut its way through the surface – weakening the rope and making a mess of your boat.

So, fitting a through deck bush into the hole will help guide the rope through the surface whilst offering protection to the material the rope or wire is passing through. 

Different styles of through deck bushes

We manufacture deck bushes in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials to suit a large range of applications.

Push-in Deck Bush

Designed to take up the smallest amount of space. Simply drill a hole to match the external diameter of the bush, apply a bonding agent, and then push the bush into the hole. The glue/ bonding agent is required to hold this style of bush in

Threaded Deck Bush

Easy and quick to install. The threaded deck bush features two small holes to grip each part with circlip pliers, which then allows the bush to be screwed tight into the surface. This design allows you to protect both sides of the surface and accommodates for a range of thicknesses. For extra security, a bonding agent can be used to hold the bush in place.

Flanged Deck Bush

Featuring a wider surface area for more protection and two fixing holes. This style of bush allows for a simple installation which only requires two screws and no messy bonding agent or silicone.

Allen through Deck RangeMaterial Choices

We offer all three styles of deck bushes in 4 material choices. Each choice has its pros and cons, so to help you choose we have listed some of the features below.


Lightweight and smooth. Made from marine grade aluminium to ensure the fairlead can withstand all outdoor elements. All aluminium deck bushes are available in a range of 6 anodized colours, allowing you to colour code control lines and personalise your boat.


Strong and ideal for carbon surfaces. Titanium does not react with carbon in the same way Aluminium does. So, we have created a titanium range to allow for easy fitting to carbon surfaces without the need for an isolating sealant.


Our nylon deck bushes are the originals! Injection moulded for a lightweight and economical product. However, we suggest using one of the other material options if you plan to have a fast-running control line as nylon is not as hard-wearing.

Stainless Steel

A hardwearing, economical option. We manufacture steel inserts for the Nylon range, this gives a longer-lasting bush that can withstand more contact from rope or wire.

The list of through deck bushes we manufacture in-house is rather large. What you see in our catalogue and online is just the tip of the iceberg. We produce a vast number of custom through deck items which range in materials, sizes, and shapes. So, if you have a specific through deck requirement, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our sales team who will be more than happy to discuss custom or off the shelf options.

If you are looking for a product more suitable for larger angled deflections and to reduce friction, take a look at the Allen through deck block range.


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