Vang King - Keep your boom up

Author: Allen Brothers   Date Posted:8 April 2024 

The very latest new range of products from the Team at Allen! The new Vang King.

The Allen Vang King in useWe at Allen are thrilled to unveil our latest development in sailing hardware: the Vang King. As a leading manufacturing company specialising in high-performance hardware for racing dinghies and keelboats, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation to enhance the sailing experience.

The Vang King is not just a gas strut; it’s a game-changer in vang control systems for keelboats up to 26ft. Designed to serve as a boom support system, the Vang King seamlessly integrates with a purchase system to deliver unmatched control of your mainsail vang settings.

In light winds, the Vang King will hold the boom up which will reduce the unwanted weight on the mainsail leech and thus result in a better sail shape and more speed. Whether you’re cruising or racing, the Vang King ensures optimal performance in every sailing condition.

In the top end of the Vang King is a plain bearing 37.8mm sheave meticulously engineered to withstand the rigours of yachts up to 26ft. This plain-bearing sheave ensures smooth operation and superior load-bearing capacity, guaranteeing reliability even when subject to high static loads.

What sets the Vang King apart is its unique attachment post at the base, featuring three reinforced stainless-steel ferrules. These strategically placed holes offer versatile rigging options, allowing you to customize your setup with ease. Whether you need to dead-end rope or attach shackles and blocks, the Vang King gives you the flexibility to rig your boat according to your specific needs and preferences.

Furthermore, adjusting the gas strut inside the Vang King is a breeze. By simply removing the screws holding the base plug in position and using an Allen key to open the grub screw, you can fine-tune the return pressure to achieve optimal performance. It’s worth noting the gas strut can only be deflated.

Available in two sizes, the Vang King caters to a wide range of keelboat configurations. Whether you opt for Size 1 with its maximum open length of 982mm and closed length of 782mm, or Size 2 with its extended dimensions, you can trust in the reliability and performance of the Vang King.

SKU Title Boat Length Ft Maximum Line Diameter Mm Maximum Return Pressure Kg Pin Center Length Closed Mm Pin Center Length Open Mm Pin Diameter Mm Stroke Mm Weight G
A1714 Size 1 Vang King 16 – 26 8 122 782 982 9.3 200 1270
A1715 Size 2 Vang King 16 – 26 8 122 1104 1304 9.3 200
A1715-M24 Size 2 Vang King For Melges 24 16 – 26 8 122 1104 1304 9.3 200

As we launch the Vang King, we’re excited to see how it will transform vang control systems and elevate the sailing experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its innovative design and unparalleled performance, the Vang King has already been adopted by some high-performance keelboat one-design classes, such as the Dragon, Melges 24 and Hunter 707.

Experience the power of the Vang King for yourself and elevate your sailing performance to new heights.