2019 Pittman Innovation Awards

Date Posted:22 January 2019 

Antal QR Quick Release Clutches described as an exquisite new clutch!

Antal QR Clutch - Quick ReleaseWho hasn’t just wanted to pop open a clutch on, say, a jib halyard or A-sail tack line and then let it run without having to first take the load off with a winch? Well, now you can with Antal’s exquisite new QR clutches. 


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Antal QR clutch allows you to release a maneuver even under its maximum load. Traditionally, clutches need to be winded up and pre-tensioned on a winch drum, loosing precious seconds. QR lets you open the handle and release the power, without the aid of a winch.

Two models for 10 and 12 mm lines are available in three different versions: standard, with mounting base and for side mounting.

It will take us some time to add the Antal range to our website.

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QR Clutch Drawing