New Swivelling Halyard Block

Author: Antal   Date Posted:30 July 2019 

New from Antal the Swivelling Halyard Block available in two sizes. Antal's range comprises of over 350 items of deck hardware with a very wide range of sizes to choose from to suit any kind of boat.

New Swivelling Halyard BlockThis special block has been designed to direct the halyards from the mast base to the winches.

Compared to the known “hollow pin” models, it offers two advantages:

  • The halyard exit is lower (closer to the deck).
  • The narrow base allows the assembly of more blocks in the narrow space of the mast base.

There are actually two sizes available

MODEL 00819 01019
SIZE (D) mm 80 100
SWL kg 2200 3500
BASE (A x B) mm 40 x 120 45 x 150
FASTENING n x Ø mm 4 x 8 4 x 10
SCREWS included included
WEIGHT * gr 530 gr 920 gr
FOR LINE mm 14mm 16mm

* Fixing screws are not included

SHB Swiveling Halyard Blocks

SHB Swiveling Halyard Blocks drawing