5 years in a row at the Aussie Skiffs Titles

Author: Mel Yeomans   Date Posted:24 January 2022 

Aussie Skiffs \\ 13 & 16 Footers what a week we had on the water at Belmont 16's.

A huge thanks to Allen Sailing for being part of our support for the 5th year in a row. We know the sailors appreciate it and love that the range has evolved during this time to be even more loved by many of the sailors.

To all the sailors, it’s always a pleasure to walk through the boat park and it means a great deal when you say hi. As a sponsor at an event it is always so nice to get to spend time chatting with Sailors, it is part of why we do it.

To the sailors using Allen Sailing and Liros Ropes, thanks for pushing them in some epic conditions! We love checking out how differently you all setup your boats and what you use where.

Michael Chittenden your photos as always are amazing. Thank you so much for not only your guidance on the water but also your company in the RIB.

If you would like to check out the fantastic photos, articles and videos from the event visit the Aussie Skiffs page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AussieSkiffs or their website: https://skiffs.org.au/



Aussie Skiffs Presentation 2022Unfortunately, I could not stay for the Presentation as we had the Flying 11's coming up, thanks to Harry Lawson for taking photos so we did not miss out.

We look forward to continuing to spend time with you all talking skiff sailing and setups.