Allen Flying 11 NSW States Round 1 2020

Author: DeckHardware   Date Posted:10 November 2020 

We are proud to Sponsor the Flying 11's this season with the NSW and Nationals

Aimee and Bella Flying 11 States 2020

Allen Flying 11s NSW States and what a weekend it has been! We are thrilled to be involved in the class again this season.

For those who have followed the DeckHardware journey for years, you will see a familiar name at the top of the score sheet. Aimee has not only been an ambassador for years, she was our runner at the Sydney Sailboat Expo.

Aimee was a little lost after her injury keeping her out of sailing last season with a new boat. Coming into this season we spoke at lengths as to what to do. To see her team up with Bella and for the two of them to be enjoying sailing is enough. The results are the icing on the cake. The girls even surprised us with team hoodies.