Red Pumps Australian 13' & 16' Skiff Championship at Gosford Sailing Club

Date Posted:26 April 2021 

CONGRATULATIONS River Wild - Warwick Rooklyn, Tom Burton Sailing and Sam Phillips the 2020 - 2021 Australian 16′ Skiff Champions.

For a long time, we researched buying a boat to ensure we would get photos to enjoy and use from events we sponsored. At the Recent Aussie Skiffs \\ 13 & 16 Footers Championships we were able to put it to good use with Mel driving up to Gosford each day to take out Michael Chittenden for the Aussie Skiffs. 

On a couple of days, we were able to organise some extra hands onboard as well to assist where we could. It was wonderful to be able to support the Skiffs by taking out their photographer and enjoy the racing in Gosford. 



Check out the Aussie Skiffs Facebook Page for even more photos than the album below!