DeckHardware Update

Author: Mel Yeomans   Date Posted:18 March 2020 

We remain open to ensure shipments keep going out and have shipments leaving suppliers to top us up although stock levels are still great on normal stock lines.

Our warehouse is now closed to visitors to ensure we can keep operating during this difficult time. Due to the layout of our warehouse social distancing is near impossible. It is now just our family in the warehouse and home.

This may change at short notice.

As much as we would love for Phil to be on the road seeing you all, lets face it he is in one of the older demographics they keep mentioning (Sorry Dad). So we are stuck with him in here.

We are constantly monitoring the situation for shipments from our suppliers as well as internally in Australia.

Important Shipping Updates from Australia Post

We also have the guys working remotely so that if some of us have to quarantine, DeckHardware will continue to operate. Although I think Locky may go crazy working on the fit out lists.

Don't forget to support our stockists during this time:


International Shipments are currently on hold


You can send us a message via our Contact Us Form or chat with Robyn, Phil or Mel via our Websites live chat. We will be answering phone calls during business hours.


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