What is a Snatch Block and how are they used?

Author: DeckHardware   Date Posted:8 June 2023 

A snatch block is a variation of a pulley designed to allow quick attaching and releasing of lines.

40mm Snatch Block If you have ever found yourself needing to increase your pulling power or change the direction of a load, then understanding how to use a snatch block can make a significant difference. By redirecting the rope or cable, you can maneuver around obstacles, navigate terrain, or achieve better alignment when pulling.

Snatch Blocks work by having an opening mechanism for the side cheek that allows easy insertion of a rope or cable.

As a distributor, we have a range of Snatch Blocks available with a variety of different attachments:

Allen's Snatch Blocks feature 30mm and 40mm dynamic bearing technology with an easy-to-use mechanism for opening and closing the cheeks, Allen snatch blocks can be easily attached to control lines with the safe knowledge that they will be secure until they are no longer required.

Schaefer's use an investment cast snap shackle attached with a ball joint enabling full rotation as well as a 15-degree tilting action. This flexibility allows for quick attachment. Urethane cheek covers to protect your deck from damage. Each block has an integral bail allowing you to "hang" the block with a shockcord.

Antal Snatch Block AT-9040Antal's Snatch Blocks are instantly recognizable with a cheek plate that revolves around the sheave axle allowing the block to open; a safety pin, which engages automatically on closing, stops the block from opening accidentally. 

Barton's ever popular range is a rugged construction with an easy open/close action. Two sizes - accepting lines up to 16mm Ø (5/8"), the range features a choice of stainless snap shackles or stainless steel 'D' shackle.

Snatch blocks are often utilised in barber hauler or spinnaker sheet systems on a boat, where you may want to attach or release the block quickly. Snatch Blocks are also widely used in non-marine sectors such as theatre production, offroad, tree surgery and cargo transportation in settings to move and lift loads securely.


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