Adhesive or Putty

Author: DrSails   Date Posted:23 May 2017 

Learn more about the DrSails range of products and how to use them.

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Our range of products offers two solutions for joining works. Both the DrSails adhesives and the TRIO adhesive putty are perfectly suitable for bonding rigid materials or rigid surfaces.

In vertical works when dripping can be a problem, our adhesive putty is the ideal product for gluing, since its higher viscosity/density prevents dripping. In this way there is no loss of the material disposed on the surfaces to be glued, nor drops of material to be cleaned.

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When the work is in a flexible material or surface there is no doubt: one of the properties of our adhesive is flexibility, allowing you to even glue fabrics correctly. The repairs of tarpaulins, awnings, sails, flags, clothes, tapestries or wheel punctures are some examples that DrSails solves effectively.

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If the glueing or repair is a work finishing in surface the putty is more appropriate than the adhesive. Its greater hardness allows sanding it better than the adhesive and if necessary we can apply gelcoat to touch up the final colour. Our TRIO ALLROUND has a pearl white finish colour, which combines with most of the gelcoats used in boats hulls and decks as standard, so you may not need to paint the repair.

Pocket filler copiaFor jobs that require filling with material, the greater volume of the putty gives clear advantages over the adhesive. It may be a screw hole in the deck, a cue if we decide to change a picture on the house wall and also a blow on the car body.

- DrSails