DrSails SAILKIT - Getting ready for the Season

Date Posted:20 August 2018 

DrSails SAILKIT, specially created to repair all types of sails efficient, quick and cleanly. The four SAILKIT references make it possible to repair most of the existing sails in the market.

DrSails LogoShort curing time and its adhesion on wet surfaces or even underwater allow fast repairs even without dropping the sail.

The DrSails SAILKIT based on the Pocket Concept created for mix and preparation inside their packaging, without requiring any accessory more than those accessories included in the kit: flexible spreader, a pair of disposable gloves and an acetone cleaning wipe (CLEANER).

The SAILKIT consists of a piece of sailcloth and the two-component adhesive POCKET, all packaged with the accessories. The adhesive is first mixed in its own package and poured into the main bag containing the sailcloth. Then the sailcloth is impregnated of adhesive with the aid of the spatula from the outside. The sailcloth is attached to the bag on one side to ensure that the adhesive is applied on the intended side to guarantee the proper glueing. Once impregnated, peel the bag and apply the patch of fabric directly onto the damaged sail area, being helped again with the spreader.

The fast curing time (20 minutes) allows fast repairs and can even be done without the need to drop the sail, as DrSails adhesives, and therefore also SAILKIT, glues perfectly on wet surfaces and even underwater.

The pieces of sailcloth (25 x 8.3 cm / 9.8 x 3.25 inches) present rounded edges that improve the repair, minimizing possible chafing and snagging. The SAILKIT package has a printed ruler to measure and adjust the size of the piece of sailcloth if it is too big for the needed repair.

Developed in partnership with Dymension Polyant USA, SAILKIT has four references, according to the type of sailcloth: SAILKIT SPI (White Nylon®), SAILKIT CLUB (White Dacron®), SAILKIT RACE(Technora reinforced Mylar®) and SAILKIT PRO (Carbon filament monofilm).

DrSails Sailkit