Pocket Concept, a revolutionary solution

Date Posted:5 January 2017 

Our innovative spirit goes far beyond our patented two-component technology.

After our first commercial run with  DrSails 10,  25  and  265  adhesive presentations, packaged in syringes or cartridge with independent double tank, we thought it was time to launch a new way to use adhesives.

We were looking for a useful, practical, simple and reliable. That’s how we developed the Pocket Concept, conceived as one shot run, with a small and flexible package and comfortable enough to keep in your pocket. But above all, functionality comes from to allow mixing the components inside the bag, without having to open it. Finally, the development led to the adhesive POCKET, which appeared last season, allowing preparing and applying the two-component adhesive inside the closed bag clean, easy and safely.

Pocket pre mix 01 lw
Pocket mix 01 lw   Pocket mix 03 lw
One year later, and after its rapid acceptance by the market, we applied the Pocket Concept on the branded new Repairs Packs TRIO and SAILKIT designs. Although they slightly vary in preparation, both share the Pocket Concept.

TRIO pre mix 04 lw

The TRIO bag has four sealed compartments. The first two contains the adhesive, the third one the additive powder, and finally another compartment with the accessories: gloves, flexible spreader and our last year’s blockbuster cleaner. The final putty is made in two single steps: firstly the adhesive by itself and then this with the additive, thus obtaining the adhesive putty squeezed by tearing the bag.


Otherwise, SAILKIT includes in its main bag the sailcloth patch and a POCKET. This is removed from the main bag to be mixed and reintroduced to pour it already mixed, impregnating the sailcloth (only can be squeezed on the backside, because a slightly tacky tape avoids front side leakage). Then is ready to open the bag and apply the patch directly on the sail. In a separate compartment, the accessories are included: gloves, flexible spreader and the Cleaner wipe.


With half the volume, the new MINI-POCKET adhesive is now added to POCKET, and together with the TRIO and SAILKIT share the revolutionary solution. Revolutionizing single use products, including everything needed to apply it without requiring other tools or accessories achieving user-friendly customer experiences.

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