LIROS at Vendée Globe 2020

Author: LIROS Ropes   Date Posted:18 November 2020 

At Vendée Globe 2020 from 8th November 2020 to 21st February 2021 two boats participate with 100% LIROS XTReme ropes

PRB with Kévin Escoffier and Arkea Paprec with Sébastien Simon!

You can check the live results here!

The participants have to sail about 24.000 nautical miles around the world, without using the assistance of others or stepping foot on land. The race was instituted in the year 1989 and takes place every four years since 1992.
The regatta leads to a significant extent through the stormy and extremely dangerous Antarctic waters of the Roaring Forties and therefore places highest demands to participants.