Locky visits LIROS Ropes in Germany

Author: DeckHardware   Date Posted:8 August 2023 

A chance trip to Europe for some Sailing and Locky went on our tour of Suppliers including Liros Ropes.

LIROS Ropes Dyneema Soft Shackle with Locky's hand for sizeThis winter whilst sailing in Europe Locky who has worked with us for a number of years had some spare time. He decided to take the opportunity to visit LIROS Ropes in person to learn as much about the range and splicing as possible.

Locky went to dinner when he got to Germany with the team, then spent the next day having a tour and meetings and another dinner! What an incredible experience, we would like to thank the team at LIROS for sharing their knowledge with Locky in person and making him feel so welcome. 

Being able to spend time learning with the splicing department as seen in the image, viewing the testing facilities in action and discussing the range and where it is being used Down Under was a fantastic opportunity. We have no doubt this has been beneficial for Locky and DeckHardware.

It is also fantastic that the team at DeckHardware have all spent time with the team from LIROS Ropes continuing our wonderful working relationship many decades on. 


View the range of LIROS Ropes


Bays and bays of Ropes Galore, the photo below is just one example of the LIROS range of Ropes for Sailing, Marine, Industrial, Stage and Theatre. 


LIROS Ropes Galore


LIROS Ropes Entrance