New Through Deck Bushes

Date Posted:28 September 2016 

Racing sailors are becoming ever more demanding and as rigs become more complex, identifying individual systems on the boat is a major advantage.

With Allen’s new A.439A and A.539A through deck bushes, rope systems can be colour coded to maximise performance, while delivering a new level of strength, durability and efficiency

Machined from solid 6062 Aluminium then anodized and PTFE coated, the new through deck bushes are available in Gold, Blue, White, Purple and Orange. The smooth, PTFE coated finish is kinder on rope, while the design is made to bond firmly into the hull.
As Liz Adams, Managing Director of Allen brothers explains, “The trend towards greater personalisation in products means we now offer more colours, more functions and more sizes, so high performance sailors have even more choice.”
For the full range of sizes and technical specification on Allen’s new A.439A and A.539A through deck bushes visit