Barton Marine Technical Information

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Aluminium Anodising Finishes

Spectrocolor 2000


Boat Size Guide

Blocks - Size Guide and Traveller Systems Size Guide


Jib Furling

Jib Furling Fitting Instructions


Jib Furling with Sail Hanks Fittings Instructions


Leading Lines Aft

Comprehensive Guide


Halyard Led Aft


Winch Deck Organiser


Clutch Winch


81 550 Mast Base Organiser



Backstay OptionsStart of Season Maintenance


Backstay OptionsEnd of Season Maintenance


Over the Top

Backstay OptionsOver the Top

Spinnaker pole systems

Backstay OptionsSpinnaker Pole

T Track and Genoa cars

Backstay OptionsFitting towable T Track cars and end fitting

Backstay OptionsPin stop cars
Backstay Options3:1 Genoa car
Backstay Options4:1 Genoa car

Track Curving

Backstay OptionsWhich do I need, Horizontal, Vertical or Compound Curve


Backstay OptionsTrack Curving Specification


Backstay OptionsTrack Curving Template


Triple Mainsheet/Vang Block System

Backstay OptionsReeving Diagram