Marelon Integrated Plumbing

Forespar's Marelon® Integrated Plumbing Systems designed to meet your boats plumbing needs.  Precision moulded plumbing systems for use above and below the waterline. It's unique design provides easy installation in a wide variety of valve configurations. 

Marelon is the perfect material for marine plumbing systems. It's non-corrosive proprietary formulation of polymer composite compounds use a resins and additives to produce a superior marine-grade product.

Forespar® "93" Series of Valves and Thru-hull fittings meet all design criteria and exceed all mechanical property requirements specified by the International Standards Organisation. (OSO150/188) Small Craft Seacocks and Thru-hull Fittings - Part 2: Non-Metallic.

 For more information on Forespar's marine plumbing go to our Buying Guides.

Arrows on Marelon Integrated Plumbing images indicate water flow direction.


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Forespar® Plumbing is made of Marelon® a superior marine-grade product.

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Marelon® - Marine Grade Plumbing Systems

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